Who consults a Life Coach?

Coaching attract people that want more from life. They are somewhat successful but know that they could do better. They sometimes feel that they are underachieving. They lack clarity about their priorities. They may have difficulties making decisions. This sometimes leads to exposing a lack of self-confidence in their ability to make the “perfect” decision.

They might be struggling with negative self-listening versus positive self-talk which lower their self-esteem and self-confidence .They may possibly be troubled by self-criticism, holding on to unhelpful childhood messages.

One of the most common is that “I just feel unmotivated”. Other frequent demands are for improved relationships either at work or within the family while seeking balance in their life.


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  1. Christopher Chiovoloni says:

    Is “I just feel unmotivated” a reaction to a feeling or the feeling itself? In my experience I feel unmotivated when I am hiding from why I resist completing a task or action. When I take the time to look and explore the experience of being unmotivated long enough with the commitment to surrender, resistance melts away leaving inspired, effortless action. Therefore self inquiry is the key to inspired action. Once I bring the unconscious into the conscious I can let it go. Just check!

    Love your page! Good Luck!!!!

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