Weight Issues and Coaching

Weight issues are a common problem in our time.  While there are multiple approaches to managing a weight loss program a life coaching support is often key to a  permanent healthy weight.  Coaching focuses its intervention on developing healthy eating patterns – not toward dieting or losing weight. What makes it possible for one person to overeat while another person eats appropriately can be found in the differences in how these individuals use their internal processes. A life coach is interested in a person’s own internally generated criteria.  Often people eat and exercise in certain ways in order to match criteria generated in the media regarding appearance, beauty, attractiveness, control, and so on. Sometimes, unresolved emotions cause overeating. A life coach works at substituting healthier responses to emotional reactions to life events.

In order to motivate a change in behavior a compelling future must be generated with respect to your weight and the effect it will have on your health.

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