Finding your soul mate

So many single people have been looking for their soul mates without any success. they are  questioning  whether they are too demanding or simply attracted by the wrong type of mates.  Life Coaching can be a big help in finding the obstacles to a happy ending.

The process begins by reviewing what criteria are considered important in the ideal partner. Then consideration is given to how to determine whether or not a person meets the criteria. For example, if respect for other people is important, how does the person treat the wait staff at the restaurant? Once this is defined, a review of the dating history is done in reference to these criteria. Were these criteria taken into account when starting a relationship? Were unsuitable traits that foretold of a failed relationship ignored?

Then the focus turns onto the client.  What does he/she bring to the table?  What are his/her strengths and weaknesses relative to establishing rewarding connections? What skills do he/she possess that, if honed, will help insure success in finding the right partner? Then, options are considered about when, where and how this ideal mate could be encountered while remaining aware that it is a process that might take time but is well worthwhile.

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