Coaching and Resolutions

Life Coaching’s purpose is to help clients achieve their goals. But achieving goals sound simple, doesn’t it?  Well how many of your resolutions went by the wayside within days of being made either on the First of the year,  on your birthday or at the beginning of school year?   Well working with a Life Coach can make all the difference The first step of any coaching is to define a goal which is a much more complicated process than people anticipate.  Motivating goals must be well stated in a positive, clear, measurable and achievable way.   Resolutions made in the negative such “I want to lose”, “I want to stop”, “I don’t want to…anymore” are bound to fail.

One factor influencing the outcome of goal setting is the reaction to lapses, whether it be self-forgiveness or self-blame.  A person also  needs to develop the capacity to delay gratification versus indulging in instant self- gratification and to avoid the “What the heck!” effect after a small failure. These can lead to abandoning the resolution altogether.

Helping to keep resolutions is within the scope of life coaching.   Some people like to have regular sessions with their life coach to whom they can be accountable in their progress toward their goal(s).

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