Who consults a Life Coach?

Coaching attract people that want more from life. They are somewhat successful but know that they could do better. They sometimes feel that they are underachieving. They lack clarity about their priorities. They may have difficulties making decisions. This sometimes … Read More

Coaching and Resolutions

Life Coaching’s purpose is to help clients achieve their goals. But achieving goals sound simple, doesn’t it?  Well how many of your resolutions went by the wayside within days of being made either on the First of the year,  on your birthday … Read More

Executive Coach

Often companies find themselves in a dilemma. Conflicts exist between key managers and this situation  is causing a lot of tension for everyone and hindering the making of quick decisions that are  needed for the smooth operation of their business.  This is one of … Read More


Are you one of these people that can’t say no to anyone and resent it? As a first step a Life Coach would help you determine the origin of your inability to say no.  The next step would be to uncover the consequences … Read More

Weight Issues and Coaching

Weight issues are a common problem in our time.  While there are multiple approaches to managing a weight loss program a life coaching support is often key to a  permanent healthy weight.  Coaching focuses its intervention on developing healthy eating … Read More

Self Confidence

Lacking self-confidence at work or in everyday life is one of the most universal problems that affect relationships and career.  Life coaching can help you gain assurance in different ways. At first it will help to determine what triggers you to doubt yourself. It may … Read More

Role of a coach

The role of Coaches is to work with individuals who want to change.  We are change agents who serve the best interests of our clients.  What do we change?  We improve our client’s ability to change themselves through the context of … Read More

Difference from therapy

Coaching can be distinguished from therapy in a number of ways.  First coaching is a profession that supports personal and professional growth and development based on individual-initiated change in pursuit of specific actionable outcomes.  These outcomes are linked to personal … Read More


Finding your soul mate

So many single people have been looking for their soul mates without any success. they are  questioning  whether they are too demanding or simply attracted by the wrong type of mates.  Life Coaching can be a big help in finding the obstacles to … Read More